“I've been seeing a therapist for  many years now, and though I appreciate all he's done for me, Frank helped me more in three sessions than my therapist was able to help me in all the years I was seeing him. There were things he wasn't helping me with that Frank got to the heart of right away.

“When I reached out to Frank, my life was unmanageable and confusing. Frank heard me out patiently. He was there every time for me when I needed help even till this day. Frank detangled chunks of my confusion and showed me what I had to do to move forward with my life step by step.

“Every time I have a conversation with Frank, I know it will be something meaningful and that I will come out having learned something. His spirit shines throughout him, whether it be through his words, actions, or just his laugh or his presence.

Email:  info@sobercompanionsobercoachnyc.com
Phone: (646) 645-1013 The Call that Changes Lives