Sober Escort/‌‌Transport

In the early stages of recovery and throughout the recovery process the recoveree (the person dealing with the issue) will be faced with many challenges that can lead to relapse. Some of the most prevalent potential problem areas are people, places and things. These are known as triggers (things that prompt the recoveree to use or relapse), so having a sober escort during this crucial time will provide a tremendous support system for the recoveree. 

Sober escort/transport services include:

  • Social events or gatherings
  • Family-related events, celebrations, holidays, weddings,and funerals
  • Court appearances and legal affairs
  • Getting the recoveree to and from detox/rehab
  • Making travel arrangements for the client and/or the sober companion  - sober coach (recovery coach)
  • Anything else that one could think of that would require a sober companion - sober coach  (recovery coach)

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