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Live‑In Sober Companion/Sober Coach

In the early stages of addiction recovery the recoveree (the person dealing with the issue) will be extremely vulnerable. Temptations will be at every turn. The desire to go back to old patterns of behavior can be overwhelming, so it is at this crucial point in the recovery process that the use of a sober companion/sober coach is without parallel. As the sober companion/sober coach I can safeguard you against the pitfalls of early recovery. I will be with you every step of the way, providing support, structure, accountability and vital insight which will assist you as you move forward. You will be empowered to face life on its own terms, learning to accept things as they are, without having to try to escape or run from a difficult situation by resorting to old patterns of behavior. I will be available until you have gained the tools and confidence to become independent and live a meaningful and productive life. Services are available in the United States and internationally.

Frank Cruz 

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