Addiction and crime go hand-in-hand. Most addicts cannot maintain a job so they turn to Crime to support their habit.  Now add to that covid-19 and its affects on the human psyche and addicts are not only od'ing but are being murdered on the streets more so than ever. I recently heard of someone that I know od'ing and an old friend who was murdered on a park bench in Brooklyn with drugs next to his body. Drugs seem to be a good alternative for dealing with life's ups and downs and disappointments as well as a way to express one's self or just to feel good. But drugs cause a world of pain and heartache. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where the drug dealer would realize that what they're selling is ruining the lives of people and leaving a road of destruction as they pursue their goal of making money. What a heavy toll is being suffered by the addict and those who love the addict all because someone wants to make money. Now that is a selfish means to an end. Frank Cruz sober companion nyc - sober Coach nyc

Frank Cruz Sober companion nyc - Sober coach nyc. Trust is crucial for an addict seeking recovery. Divisiveness has no place when you're trying to build and edify. So is it good for the president of United States to claim the election was rigged?Is It causing a lot of division. In the event that Donald Trump does not Prevail in his claims of a rigged election within the court system wouldn't it be wise to just allow the president-elect to get the briefings from the White House that are needed to protect the interests of America. We all know that when Someone who's interested in the well-being of something or someone is going to do what's in the best interest for that situation despite their particulars. I'm not here to judge anyone  but actions speak for themselves . Frank Cruz sober companion NYC sober coach NYC

Due to the presidential election many are experiencing high levels of stress. But the reality is no amount of worry is going to change an outcome. The idea is to use the spiritual principle of acceptance. This principle will greatly reduce stress. And this is one of the cornerstones of recovery from addiction. So the reality is whether vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden what's going to happen is going to happen. And if you're going to react to it by being stressed out then you going to cause yourself a disservice. Stress causes incredible issues within the body the mind and your personality. Let's face it worrying is not going to change and I'll come it's only going to affect you negatively.
Sober companion nyc - sober coach nyc
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Sober companion nyc -sober coach nyc (recovery coach)
30-15 33rd st.
Queens NY 11102
Pfizer has a vaccine that's 90% effective. Well that's good news for many including people that are dealing with addictions. Addiction is a very isolating condition. And with these new restrictions on the population isolation is everywhere. So the sooner that a vaccine is available to the General Public it will help put an end to the added stress that we all deal with and help put an end to the added isolating effects on the addict due to Coronavirus.
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Frank helped me more in 3 sessions than my therapist of ten years. Sober Companion, Sober Coach, Recovery Coach, sober escort, transport, interventions
Sober Companion NYC - Sober Coach NYC 
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