Frank Cruz, Sober ‌Companion - Sober Coach

I was born and raised in the Big Apple. NYC amplified my life's experience; I've seen it all. I've dealt with all walks of life from the rich and famous to the downtrodden homeless person—every kind of religion and ethnicity, every kind of social class from the rich Wall Street executive to the drug-dealing kingpin and everything in between. I've seen the devastation of substance abuse and the various forms of addiction and mental health issues ruin the lives of many. I have firsthand experience with the effects of substance abuse, but today I have the good fortune of having survived the hell that is addiction and in doing so I have become well-versed in exactly what it takes to help others with their particular issues. I am extremely grateful to have been uniquely positioned to assist those in need with sound and practical methods of recovery invaluable to my work as a sober companion - sober coach (recovery coach). Many of these methods I have used in my own recovery and they have brought me to a place beyond my wildest imagination, and now it is my mission to provide this essential service in hopes of bringing this life-saving process of recovery to those who are in need of it.

Just some personal things about me: I'm a musician; I play drums, piano and guitar. I've trained my voice professionally. I've studied acting, so needless to say the arts are in my blood. I've also had the good fortune of mentoring with someone I consider to be one of the greatest of all holistic doctors. He taught me all he knew and also showed me how to use the powerful tool of kinesiology. I helped many with their health issues. I also have trained my body throughout the years so I'll also be able to serve as not only your sober companion  - sober coach (recovery coach), but also I can assist with your health and nutritional needs. All these added bonuses complement my role as a sober companion - sober coach  (recovery coach) and will definitely bring added value to you.

Phone: (646) 645-1013 The Call that Changes Lives